Oh man, I am obsessed with food, drinks and all things delicious. Food occupies my mind more than any other thought during any given day.

I like pondering my next meal, mid-meal. I like dreaming up dinner concoctions that will eventually make their way to my dinner table or, a packed lunch. But, my most favorite way to occupy my little brain, is ruminating over the next establishment I will sashay my ass into, to partake in a gluttonous ordeal. I mostly dare to forego dinner menus, and let my server for the evening take me on their idea of a perfect meal. This tactic of handing over menu choices, has never failed me.

I am infinitely lucky to live in Toronto. The restaurant scene satisfies and sometimes even surprises. The food-and-drink obsessed can easily sate their desires in establishments that run the gamut from high end to affordably priced. I reckon, the food in this city gets better with each passing year.

I love travelling for pleasure, but no matter what, I always look forward to coming back home to Toronto to eat. I am the kind of person who tires of eating the same thing more than two days in a row (#FirstWorldProblems). So having a choice, actually, having many of them, makes me as happy as a pig in shit. If I want pho, I'll eat pho. If I want a vegan burger, I'll get it. If I want a cocktail that is the equivalent of a karate kick to the face, I can get that too. Here's some real talk, there have been a few days in my life that have necessitated this kind of drinking. 

If I could spend my days scouring farmers' markets, popping in and out of food shops and eating in restaurants, believe you me, I would. But, dammmnnn, I have bills to pay. So, in the meantime, this passion (read: obsession) with food is my side gig.

Borough Market - London, UK

Borough Market - London, UK