Welcome to hangry. hangrier. hangriest. I write about food, drinks and snacks extraspecially. I like to gallivant around Turono (a.k.a. Toronto) and the world, subject to my bank account.

The pros of eating with me: we will engage in top-notch banter staccatoed with well-placed profanities. We'll likely eat somewhere that's spectacularly scrumptious. I will select the most obscure thing on the menu, because how do you know if you like something if you never try it? A philosophy that I think proves useful in life. 

The cons of eating with me: I will abruptly halt our eating sessions to take pictures of our food before you can dig in. #IDoItForTheGram and #PhoneEatsFirst. I make faces when someone picks a big chain restaurant for dinner. I scoff at finicky/picky eaters because "I ain't got no time for that." No. Really. Don't come at me with that picky-ass-shit.

One of my favourite snacking destinations is Trinidad. It's culinary jumble of African, Indian, Chinese and European cuisines makes its food an amalgam of oral pleasure (yup, still talking about food).

The most perfect snack food is *doubles with slight peppa.* Hands down. No question. That "sandwich" that is named because of it's two fried orbs of dough that act as the "sandwich bread." Ideally the bread is soft, pliable and yeasty. One orb is filled with a savoury and ever-so slightly sweet curry chickpea filling (Trinis like their sweets. It is sugarcane country after all) which then gets either lightly dribbled or slathered (depending on what your face and asshole can handle) with a homemade hot sauce. Then the second orb of fried bread is placed on top. It's rolled up in white paper twisted at it's ends, like a plump, savoury candy. When you take your first bite you promptly squirt curry all over your brand new white shirt. *Fuck!* *SIGH* What are you going to do? It's worth it.... it's perfection. In Trinidad you eat it for breakfast, snack, lunch, whenever, honestly, just eat it.